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Truck Driver Reasonable Meal Amounts

Truck Driver Reasonable Meal Amounts 2018/19

Long distance truck drivers in receipt of an allowance may claim for food and drink up to the reasonable limits below.  

  • $24.70 for breakfast
  • $28.15 for lunch
  • $48.60 for dinner

The amount for each meal is separate and can’t be combined into a single daily amount or moved from one meal to another.

No Allowance Received

If the employee long distance truck driver does not receive a bone fide travel allowance then full substantiation applies.  The reasonable daily travel allowance rate cannot be used.  Owner-drivers must also substantiate all claims.


The travel allowance MUST BE a Bona fide travel allowance

A ‘bona fide travel allowance’ is an amount that could reasonably be expected to cover accommodation, or meals or expenses incidental to travel.  This does not require that the amount paid by the employer must equate dollar for dollar to the employee’s actual expenditure.  However there must be relativity between the amount of the travel allowance and the purpose for which it is said to be paid.

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